Spent an hour at the gym working out yesterday and I got to talk to eye candy the whole time. Then, I was stuck there for another hour because its where I do my work study and so I watched all the guys play basketball. When I finally was able to leave he told me not to go; I would have stayed but I was in desperate need of a shower and had studying to do. But, I’d say last night was definitely a good one at work! (:

Actually…. a girl he was dating had a lot of psychological issues and to keep him around she had staged a pregnancy. Plus, what is the relevance of this? I’m quite curious to know….

Is there a word to describe something far greater than procrastination? If not, there needs to be because I’ve discovered it!

Only 16 days left here….

and then I won’t see you for three whole months. I don’t like the thought of that. You’ve done so much for me and have helped me find myself again. Maybe I can convince you to visit this summer? I really just don’t want to be away from you that long, when I say you’re one of my bestfriends, I mean you’re right up there with Katie and Brady.