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I wish I had a bottle, maybe I’d find myself at the bottom.


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Everything will be better when I can run again, because then I will be better. I’m just absolutely terrified that there’s actually something wrong.

I’m a wreck.

You were supposed to be one of my best friends; at one point I had thought you were the man I was going to marry. Needless to say that ship sailed a long time ago; but, we continued to be friends and you were the one I went to for everything. You have seen me cry. You have broken me. You have made me believe that I was the one in wrong. You have destroyed my trust time and again, just for me to come crawling back, because I cherished our friendship. You were someone I trusted. You were someone who had helped me and I could talk to you about anything. Now, what are you? I don’t even know; you’re not someone I know anymore. You’re a stranger to me.